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Hi there,

iam such a big fan of Younha and i love her more than anything on this world, except my videogame collection.

I have no girlfriend and would never want one if she is not Younha.

I am also a fan of her since 2005 when she released Houki Boshi as a PV in Japan. So this is a pretty long time.

I also have all her Albums and the Younha goes to JAPAN DVD.

Iam studying Korean language history and language at university as my major.

I went to her concert in Busan, so i suppose this makes me one of the bigger fans, except Raku.

So what i want to critize about her:

First of all: Some may remember it, but "One Shot" where she had blonde hair was one of the weakest and shittiest singles of all time. Blonde hair doesnt suit any ASIAN so i dont know why still a lot of asians/koreans colour their hair.

I saw one of her new teaser where she was featured in some kind of magical fantasy world with long blonde hair... i hope she wont do it again because that sucks super hard.

Also what is she doing lately? She is doing advertisments for freezers and TVs. WHAT THE FUCK"!?!?! You know, in the US or in Europe, this is called Homeshopping Channel and only old people are watching this mind boggling shit.

I watched Younha advertising the latest devices from Samsung and was pleased to see Younha, but what in the holy fuck... she has fallen... to actually do this kind of stuff.

And also she is doing next to no ads for her new album. Why is this still an issue? I know that Younha has problems due to her last contract and that a lot of TV stations blocked her stuff sadly... but still... maybe someone has other infos.

Also the part what i loved the most about Younha:


Where has it gone to????



The 2 best performances ever made by her...

i really miss that stuff.

Last but not least the stuff which was released lately by her:

"Just listen" is an average Album. It has 2-3 good songs and then this abomination which is called 아니야. Holy shit, it was so hyped up and it is with 나을 and so on... And then it sounded like a song from a 노래방 WHAT THE FUCK!!???

I dont know how other people feel about Younha. I dont know many people who know Younha or  who think as high and mighty as i do of Younha.

Maybe its because iam waking up from a nightmare that i enclosed nearly half of my life to Younha, a person next to non-reachable-by-a-common-mortal-as-me.

So i hope you guys out there can give me a good answer.

  • Hello Memberfjkdfndsng 2013.05.31 13:38
    I think you should get out of this website. Maybe take a walk outside and think about what you are doing with your life.
  • Hello Membermalroth36 2013.06.29 01:05
    I agree with everything said.

    A lot of her newer Korean stuff is awful. I blame this pathetic kpop wave for her decline

    I say these things because I respect Younha. If it was some other person I'd just laugh while they crash and burn.
  • Managing GroupRaku 2013.06.29 15:39

    Hi~ have i met you? since you metioned busan concert...

    Anyway, you should appreciate she is doing her best to try somethings new, and the result ain't that bad, at least to me.

    About TV shows, i think younha wants to bring the fans more chances to see her on TV, and she also needs money to live on, to keep on singing;;; moreover this will not effect her efforts on music at all...

    About radio show, she is really good at it, and it has been a help to her personal life and music.

    Please watch your languages, accpet who she is and who she chooses to be.

  • Hello Friendtinypuffling 2013.09.06 13:34
    Home-shopping style advertisements are a big thing in Korea... For reference, SNSD (the biggest ever girl group in Korea) have advertised a LOT of LG phones, water purifiers, kitchen stuff, fried chicken, banana milk, pizzas and random video games. Doing advertisements means she can get herself noticed more in public (: and hopefully get paid more for appearances.

    Also, her "Just Listen" album was a collaboration album.. she said that was the hardest album for her to produce because she disagreed with what her sunbae's wanted her to sing/do. She shouldn't have given in to that 나을 guy, he ruined her album with 아니야. I thought it was the CRAPPIEST SONG she EVER produced but wtf it hit #1 on the Korean Charts. Koreans like weird music.

    For a person like Younha, her biggest battle is being mainstream vs. what she likes doing. I love her non-mainstream stuff to bits but when she has crappy fiascos like 아니야, just accept it as something she has to do to maintain her mainstream career. (: The bigger she gets the more we get to hear from her! Everyone wins! :D
  • Hello MemberSte 2014.07.27 07:18
    I would like to point out to you that she is still a young artist that still has many years of career ahead of her, and it would be beneficial to you as fans and more importantly herself if she if she did:

    A. Explore different genres and styles of music either through collaborations or by herself, this is because all the great artists out there do not stick to one style or genre when creating new work. Personally even though i love Younha's Piano/Ballad songs it gets repetitive if every album is like this. In fact I liked Just Listen as I liked that she is incorporating different genres into her "Ballad" strength based style and collaborations are important to promote her image. Also the fact that you call a mini album that has 2-3 good songs is just an average album considering that the album only has 7 songs. :/ anyway my point is that Younha has the right to expand her creativity how she wants to and hopefully she will continue to do this throughout her career.

    B. Promote herself, now this is a tricky one as I do agree about one point from the original post that Younha in the past rarely promoted her albums to the fullest. Now this can be blamed on the previous Producer Label (Lionmedia was it?) and even now there maybe still consequences from that, that you or me dont know about. About the point of advertisements I think the previous comments above state this already, but il say it again she needs to make a living! Everyone who is a well know celebrity does some kind of advertisements or sponsorships so why is this bad for Younha to do it. Also if she enjoys doing these commercial songs and TV appearances then why shouldn't she do them. Its a bit presumptuous of you to say that "she has fallen... to actually do this kind of stuff.", as you don't know her financial situation she still might have to pay legal fees for that lawsuit and yet again she has to make a living and she also might enjoy doing it. Finally, it also promotes herself even though it doesnt promote her albums but then again people can easily google her.

    Anyway my rant is over, so I hope you take this into consideration next time you criticise one of your favourite artists, actors, etc.

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