2014.02.19 19:10

OneHallyu forum for Younha

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Hi all,

To all English-Speaking fans (lol) I would like to welcome you to our OneHallyu Younha fan thread! 


We are very active now and discuss anything about Younha under the sun! 

Thanks to HelloYounha! for providing information and content to Younha fans. So I'm thinking we could bring it one step further by having a forum in which we can talk more freely about Younha.

Once again, we invite you to this thread (esp raku and gang =D). The more the merrier! Thanks!

  • Translatorsupper 2014.02.20 05:47
    That's a lovely gathering. Thanks for the welcome elolery! :-)
    It seems that there is some issue with the registration but will do drop by the forum when solved.
  • Hello FriendElolery 2014.07.06 17:39

    hi supper! Are you in the midst of subbing Younha's MBC 4 things show?? If not some guys from onehallyu would like to translate it and we may then need assistance for subbing and to upload it to somewhere where the vid won't be taken down, like baidu and displayed in HelloYounha!

    (or is translating too easy for you? X) lol )

    Is that ok with you? Thanks!

  • Hello FriendElolery 2014.07.07 14:13
    ah change of plans. It seems YounhaTeam will be doing the subbing.

    And to think I didn't know you were already visiting the onhallyu thread. It's our pleasure to have you visit!
  • Hello Friendtinypuffling 2014.02.20 10:14
    Omg YES JOIN US!

    It will be awesome to have more people in the OneHallyu thread! Everyone is welcome ^.^

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